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Sound System Design and Installation

Church PA Design & Installation

Can your audience hear you when you are speaking?
Can they hear every word?

If they can’t, can you imagine how difficult it must be for them to sit through a mass or meeting? All your time and effort into preparing a speech is wasted if your audience can’t hear it! Hard surfaces, parallel walls and high ceilings distort sound. Churches and auditoriums are notorious for poor sound quality and echo which leads to attendees feeling disconnected. Let Lakewood Audio-Video design and install the perfect PA system for your Church or business.

  • Multiple speaker system to allow everyone to hear a well distributed sound that covers everyone with no “hot-spots”. State-of-the-art “Line Array” systems are designed and used.
  • Systems for the hearing impaired.
  • Only the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art equipment is used to analyze the sound quality of the room and then design the correct system to implement.
  • Lakewood Audio-Video uses the finest industry standard microphones, amplifiers, digital delay units, speaker cables, equalizers, mixers and DSP units in their systems.
  • Can install sound absorbing materials to correct any problem areas.
  • There will be absolutely no sound delay problems that are inherent with other systems.
  • All wireless microphones are UHF and set to different frequencies so there is no cross-talk between microphones.
  • Speakers are un-obtrusive (sometimes mounted right in the walls) and not big in size. They can be painted any color you want to match the décor.
  • Modular construction with same day service.
  • Crown, JBL, Symetrix, AKG, Audio-Technica, Digidesign, Shure, Furman, TL Audio, QSC, Tascam, Alesis, Pro-Co, Crest, Neuman, Hosa, Bose, Audio Control, Sennheiser, Earthworks, and many others.


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