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Does This Ring A Bell?

Do you remember, as a youngster, listening to the electronic carillon church bells ringing and the feeling that it stirred inside you? Would you love to hear the sounds of a digital carillon bell system coming from your own church once again – not just on the holidays, but uplifting the community daily, reminding them of their faith throughout the week? You can. And for much less than you would imagine!

System Equipment

Today’s technology is not only bringing us the future, but also helping us to recapture our past. The future is Lakewood Carillon Church Bell Systems. This state-of-the-art carillon bell system lets you enjoy all of these sounds without the expense and upkeep one would expect from larger, more expensive Carillon Bell Systems. This is a digital Carillon Bell system that’s completely run from a Pentium-based computer, using the same technology that the NASA space program and modern hospital operating rooms use – only in a much more user-friendly package.

You will hear your favorite songs of inspiration being played by what truly appears to be giant cast-iron bells. You will actually hear the bells swing as they are being struck. There are no tapes to degrade over time, but digital recordings of CD quality emulating in our Carillon Bells. And what’s more, with Lakewood Carillon Bell Systems, we can digitally record anything and have it played through your steeple or rood speakers. No other system offers you this flexibility! Electronic Carillon Church Bells can be playing from your church steeple at a fraction of the cost of our competetors.


The Lakewood Carillon Church Bell System is the only truly modular system available with maintenance handled on the spot for our Church Bell Carillon Systems. We also offer carillon systems that can run pre-existing motorized bells.

Lakewood also offers a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee on our Carillon Systems!

Begin enjoying the benefits of these inspirational carillon sounds we will bring to your parish community:
- CD Quality digital recordings of actual swinging cast-iron bells, all done in our very own 48-track state-of-the-art digital recording studio
- Modular system offering same day maintenance
- User friendly operation
- 1 year warranty on all parts and labor
- Lifetime warranty on all Carillon songs
- 400 watt amplifier
Modern Carillon songs that will ad something special to any occasion or holiday
- Weekly and Liturgical functions Over 300 traditional Carillon songs, including The Angelus, Pealing, Wedding Bells, Westminster Chimes, he Toll, Marion & Lenten Hymns, Christmas Carols and many more!
- The ability to run existing motorized bell systems -Installation of weatherproof speaker system
- Modular construction featuring same day service

Description of the bell sounds

Let Lakewood help fill your parish with sound by bringing back the message, the Carillon bells….and the people!

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying…

Our carillon bells from Lakewood accent our location in the center of town, adding reminders to pause in the middle of busy days. The dedication of the bells was celebrated by representatives of local business, the City Council, faith communities, as well as our own church family. It's easy to program for everyday as well as special occasions. When the bells ring the members of Morgan Hill UMC are reminded that we are part of the community and the community is reminded that everyone is welcome to come inside. 3/2022 Pastor Linda Holbrook

We, as a Church in rural Nebraska, have felt, many times, the sort of second class purchaser sensations that come about from dealing with online companies and /or BIG name companies. As Secret of the Federated Church, as well as the AV guy, I can highly recommend Lakewood Audio-Video and Ron DeRollo as the 'go to' type of business people that we all really like to do business with. They, regardless of circumstance and that little thing called 'a sale',have been a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend them any higher to any organization that is out there, shopping for AV equipment, sound systems, and/or Carillon Bell systems specifically or, if you have a question in these areas, ask it and you will receive a timely response and , most of all, honesty, in reply. They are vey capable of meeting most needs. If they can't, they are willing to work with you to get you where you need to be. Again, I cannot recommend this business and representative any higher . thank you Ron
Russ Noel wrnvision@yah\oo,.com

"What a difference our new Lakewood P.A. system has made in our parish. Even the elderly can hear every word!"
-Rev. Raymond Wood
St. Mary’s Church, Jamesville, NY

"Our people are delighted with the rich tones of our new church bells. At the same time, I find the system simple to operate and very flexible. The new bells from Lakewood are a wonderful addition to our church."
-Father David Wisnieuski,
St. Peters , Lowville, NY
315-376-6662 -

"We are pleased with our electronic church bell system recently installed by Lakewood. Our parish has really enjoyed the musical addition." -Father Robert Kelly
Blessed Sacrament, Utica, NY

"Everyone loves the new sound system that Lakewood installed. Now everyone can hear clearly. Everyone in our parish simply loves the new electronic church bell carillon system, and they’re very easy to program."
-Father Esposito
St. Marys/St. Bernadettes, Cleveland NY

"Our carillon church bells from Lakewood sound simply adorable and realistic – and the service is excellent too!"
-Father Heigl
St. Michaels, Warsaw, NY 14569

"Hi Ron, Tonight was so exciting. The carillon played for the first time at our Christmas Carol Service. It is awesome. The sound of the bells is wonderful. Coombs will now know that the church is more than a heritage building. Thanks so much for your help. The instructions work. We programmed in 3 carols to play just before 7pm tonight so everyone would hear. the Westminster chimes are coming on on the hour. Have a very Merry Christmas and best wishes from all the folks at Grace."
-Janet Boley
Grace United Church, Coobs, BC, Canada


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